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Welcome to The Wellness Directory. Please take a moment to read this, so that you may make the most out of this valuable marketing site for your wellness business.

When submitting a listing, select all of the categories that apply to your business, service or product. If you do not see a category that is suitable than contact us and we will add that category to the listings.

Please note that the section ‘tag words’ is where you can increase your search optimization. For example, if your category is ‘Massage Therapist’ tag word may include a speciality such as raindrop therapy or shiatsu, or a special field of interest such as rehab or pain, or any other services or keywords that will help potential clients find you.

In the listing description this is your place to shine. Don’t just list the services that you offer, or product s that you sell, but solutions that you will provide  or the perceived wellness benefits the potential client will gain. This is where it is important to know who your target market is, or you ideal client, so you can speak to them, their pain, frustration and desire, and show them that you have what they are looking for   Put yourself in the position of a person searching for your wellness business and ask yourself why would they chose to contact you when there are possibly many other similar wellness business offering ‘the same thing’

As you will see there are two places for you to upload images, take advantage of this space and get creative, let people see what you are all about, maybe your physical space, the services you provide a photo of your products. It is your space, make it work for you, and remember that you have full access to being able to edit you space whenever you want, so maybe change it with the seasons, as new products or services become available, or even if you have some kind of special offer that you want to promote. The same thing applies to the area that is for you to post a video. People love videos. Word of caution don’t get so caught up in trying to get this all perfect and completed before submitting your listing. The main thing is, get your listing on there and build on it.

Once your listing has been approved, you will have access to more information fields to add more details to your listing. Take advantage of this in order to make it easier for your potential clients to contact you!

You can also promote your listing in our Featured Listings section for only 1$ per day. For less than the cost of a cup of tea, you can significantly increase visibility for your listing as it will be featured on our Homepage.

One last thing you CAN have more than one listing. So if you have a couple of different wellness businesses then create listings for all of them. This is Your wellness community directory, so us know how we can help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS!!

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